Audrey Knuth

Fiddle: 1 xlr with phantom power

Jeff Kaufman

Mandolin: 2 xlr, one direct and one with a boom stand (talkbox)

Electronic Feet: 1 xlr, one power outlet.

Computer: 1 xlr, one power outlet

Amy Englesberg

Keyboard: 1 xlr, 3 power outlets

Accordion: 2 xlr (right and left hands).


Chairs: three, no arms please.

Monitor Mixes: three. If you can only do two, please let us know in advance so we can bring a personal monitor to supplement.


  • We run the keyboard sound via a MIDI module. This means we use it only as a MIDI controller, running MIDI to the sound module, which converts that to audio. This allows us to use a wide range of sounds that are consistent from place to place when we travel. We can adjust levels to get something that works for your hall: just let us know!

  • If you're supplying the keyboard, a Roland RD or FP series is best. If that's not available, we need something full-size (88-key) with weighted keys.

  • The keyboard needs to have MIDI output (5-pin or USB) so we can connect it to the MIDI module.