The Free Raisins: Out of the Box.  CD Cover.
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The Free Raisins, sitting on a wall and talking.
  1. Fleur de Mandragore (Michel Bordeleau)

    Calling for us in Rutland MA, David Kaynor had a vision of a smooth sweet tune that transformed into raw energy over the course of a dance. This was the result.

  2. Trip to Moscow (Ian Ball) / Cuñaq (Shimshai) / October Snow (Amy Englesberg)

    Amy encountered Cuñaq on her travels in Argentina and wrote October Snow as a companion tune when she came home. Jeff wanted to play melody too, so we found Trip to Moscow for him.

  3. The Larcom Jig (Eric Eid-Reiner) / Grandaddy's English Muffins (Amy Englesberg)

    Audrey brought Larcom to us from good friend and talented pianist Eric Eid-Reiner. Amy wrote Granddaddy's in memory of childhood mornings in Glastonbury.

  4. Bus Stop! (Anita Anderson)

    Andrew once described this set as an altercation between a farting gnome and a drunken fairy in a woodland bar. It has since evolved, so feel free to use your imagination.

  5. Seanamhac Tube Station (John Carty) / Devil in the Strawstack (Traditional) / Road to Erogie (Adam Sutherland)

    One of our favorite sets to end the evening with.

  6. The Hawk and the Jay (Amy Englesberg)

    Amy wrote this waltz after witnessing the aftermath of a hawk attack another bird's nest. It is a reflection on the brutality and beauty of nature.

  7. Reign of Love (Keith Murphy) / The Wren (Traditional)

    Jeff learned Reign on crew at Pinewoods summer 2008. When he brought it to the band it didn't immediately enter our repertoire, but it's grown into one of our favorite sets.

  8. Flannel Dreams (Amy Englesberg) / Le Releveur (Richard Forest)

    Amy wrote Flannel on her new piano thinking of her sweetheart hundreds of miles away.

  9. The Engagement (Audrey Knuth)

    Audrey wrote this waltz for her father, Charlie, and stepmother, Susan.

  10. Thomas Shrug (Thomas Bartlett)

    Amy and Audrey learned this tune from Boston area musicians Rachel Panitch and Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens. We could play this tune all night.

The Free Raisins, walking and playing.
Producer:Andrew VanNorstrand
Recorded and Mixed:Electric Wilburland, Newfield, NY
Sound Engineer:Will Russell
Mastering:Will Russell
CD Art, Graphic Design:Max Hogue
Photos:Daniel Friedman
Guest Musicians:Andrew VanNorstrand, Noah VanNorstrand
The Free Raisins, climbing on a stone tower.
We would like to thank: Andrew VanNorstrand, Will Russell, Noah VanNorstrand, Max Newman, Max Hogue, Daniel Friedman, and the many dances and dancers who have watched us grow and supported us along the way. An extra thanks to our families and friends!