Hey, everybody - we are releasing our first CD! This past summer we toured eight lively dance halls, and selected several tracks to share how much fun we had. The sets are cut down to a comfortable listening length, but still capture the energy of a live performance. In these sets, you'll hear traditional tunes mixed with a modern groove. Get your two scoops worth now!

1.Far From Home / Shenandoah Falls4:26Winston-Salem
2.Wallace's Cross / Corriente3:57Rochester
3.Sandy Boys2:50Glen Echo
4.Coleman's March / On the Danforth4:15Syracuse
5.Lady Ann Montgomery / Old Gray Cat3:59Winston-Salem
6.Flying Home to Shelley / Childgrove5:08Knoxville
7.Julia's Waltz2:26Winston-Salem

You have several options for buying it:

  • $10 in person: on a physical CD. Cover art and everything!
  • $7 online on bandcamp or google play.
  • $5 in person, and we'll send a link to your email.

All of the tunes are traditional except:

  • Flying Home to Shelley is by Paul Gitlitz.
  • On the Danforth is by Keith Murphy of Black Isle Music (BMI)
  • Corriente and Julia's Waltz are Jeff's.