Boston Area Contra Dances

This is a list of Boston area contra dances, current as of 2012-09-12. They're organized by where they are, in decreasing order of T accessibility.

Davis Square: Outdoors

Occasional Summer Dances: Davis. On the red line and lots of buses.

Porter Square: Masonic Hall

Bimonthly (1st and 3rd Sundays): BIDA. On the red line and buses: 77, 83, 96.

Fresh Pond: Cambridge Friends School

Monthly (4th Saturdays): Fourth Saturday Dances. Walkable from Davis, Porter, and Alewife.

Jamaica Plain: First Church

Bimonthly (2nd and 4th Saturdays): Lavender Country and Folk Dancers. Gender free. Walkable from the orange line and on several buses.

Cambridge: MIT

Weekly to Monthly (Tuesdays): MIT. Walkable from the red line and on bus 1.

Concord: Scout House

Weekly (Thursdays): NEFFA
Weekly (Mondays): Monday Contras
Some Fridays; check the Dance Gypsy

Not really T accessible. Walkable from the Concord commuter rail stop, but annoying.


Like the music we're playing? Want to try some of it yourself, or play with us next time? Most of the tunes we play are up on our repertoire page. If you want some people to play this stuff with, talk to me (jeff at freeraisins dot com), and I'll put you in contact with other people who are learning and would like musical company.
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