An energetic dance band from Boston, the Free Raisins fuse New England roots with a modern groove. They promise a versatile mix of supremely danceable tunes—come out and get your two scoops worth!
The Free Raisins are:
Audrey KnuthFiddle
Jeff KaufmanMandolin, Trumpet, Feet
Amy EnglesbergPiano, Accordion
The Free Raisins, walking and playing.
We have a CD: read more about Out of the Box!
The Free Raisins, Out of the Box, front cover.The Free Raisins, Out of the Box, back cover.
date time venue caller
2017 SatJan 14 7:30-10:30 Midwinter Ball
Baltimore MD
Luke Donforth
2017 ThrFeb 2 8:00-11:00 Seattle WA Seth Tepfer
2017 Fri-
Feb 3-
Feb 5
Weekend Dancing Fool
Seattle WA
Cis Hinkle
Seth Tepfer
2017 MonFeb 6 7:30-10:00 Portland OR ?
2017 ThrMar 9 7:30-10:30 Concord MA Linda Leslie
2017 FriMar 10 8:00-10:45 New York NY ?
2017 SatMar 11 4-6, 8-11 New York NY ?
2017 Fri-
Apr 7-
Apr 9
Weekend Springforth
Richmond VA
Gaye Fifer
2017 SunApr 9 7:30-10:30 Glen Echo Sunday Susan Taylor
2017 Thr-
Jul 6-
Jul 9
Weekend Roanoke Railroader
Roanoke VA
Sarah VanNorstrand
Emily Rush
Warren Doyle
2017 Fri-
Sep 1-
Sep 4
Weekend Northwest Passage
Portland OR
Andrew Swaine
Seth Tepfer
2017 Fri-
Sep 15-
Sep 17
Weekend Echo Summit
Echo Summit CA
Cis Hinkle
Luke Donforth
2017 SatOct 7 ? Private Event
Holliston MA
2018 Fri-
Jan 12-
Jan 13
Weekend Phoenix Winter Frolic
Phoenix AZ
2018 Fri-
Feb 16-
Feb 18
Weekend Corvallis Contra Weekend
Corvallis OR
Susan Petrick
Will Mentor
The Free Raisins, sitting on a wall and talking.