An energetic dance band from Boston, the Free Raisins fuse New England roots with a modern groove. They promise a versatile mix of supremely danceable tunes—come out and get your two scoops worth!
The Free Raisins are:
Audrey KnuthFiddle
Jeff KaufmanMandolin, Trumpet, Feet
Amy EnglesbergPiano, Accordion
The Free Raisins, walking and playing.
We have a CD: read more about Out of the Box!
The Free Raisins, Out of the Box, front cover.The Free Raisins, Out of the Box, back cover.
date time venue caller
2017 MonFeb 6 7:30-10:00 Portland OR ?
2017 ThrMar 9 7:30-10:30 Concord MA Linda Leslie
2017 FriMar 10 8:00-10:45 New York NY ?
2017 SatMar 11 4-6, 8-11 New York NY ?
2017 Fri-
Apr 7-
Apr 9
Weekend Springforth
Richmond VA
Gaye Fifer
2017 SunApr 9 7:30-10:30 Glen Echo Sunday Susan Taylor
2017 Thr-
Jul 6-
Jul 9
Weekend Roanoke Railroader
Roanoke VA
Sarah VanNorstrand
Emily Rush
Warren Doyle
2017 Fri-
Sep 1-
Sep 4
Weekend Northwest Passage
Portland OR
Lindsey Dono
Seth Tepfer
2017 Fri-
Sep 15-
Sep 17
Weekend Echo Summit
Echo Summit CA
Cis Hinkle
Luke Donforth
2017 SatOct 7 ? Private Event
Holliston MA
2017 Fri-
Oct 13-
Oct 15
Weekend Mountain Madness
Jonesborough TN
Darlene Underwood
Lisa Greenleaf
2018 Fri-
Jan 12-
Jan 13
Weekend Phoenix Winter Frolic
Phoenix AZ
2018 Fri-
Feb 16-
Feb 18
Weekend Corvallis Contra Weekend
Corvallis OR
Susan Petrick
Will Mentor
The Free Raisins, sitting on a wall and talking.